The perfect avocado to fuel your family

At Delroy Orchards we grow Hass avocados. As at 2017 we have approximately 135,000 avocado trees in the ground, with more on the way! Harvest usually begins in early September and depending on the size of the crop can continue right through to March. We meticulously control each leg of our avocado’s journey from farm to you. From nothing more than a flower on the tree right up until the moment you choose it from the supermarket shelf we’re there ensuring best practice management and handling along the way. This way you end up with a happy, great eating avocado, time after time. Once all the avocados on our orchard have been picked, packed, sold and eaten for another season we’ll source fruit from our partner growers in different growing regions to enable us to continue supplying fresh avocados for 12 months of the year – applying the same dedication to this fruit as if it were our own.